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XII. Geohazards Conference
13-14 June 2019

We were always about to adjust topics of particular conferences – beside regular issues – to an actual event in more than 20-year history of Geohazards Conference series. So it was in record-breaking years following 2010 as well due to heavy rainfalls, when nearly a thousand of landslides, bluff falls, cellar collapses as well as the dam burst at Ajka-Kolontár took place, or at conferences focusing on safety works in settlements financed by EU concerning bluffs along the river Danube and the lake of Balaton.

Regional rise or fall of groundwater is also one of the geohazards which may potentially occur due to either natural impacts or as a consequence of anthropogenic influence. The rise of water level is not only the trigger for landslides on sloping areas or in waterside zones. Safe production of deep-level coal mines operating since the second half of the 1800’s and deep-level bauxite mines started operation in the 1950’s could only be ensured by a radical, 100-meter drawdown of karst water at most. As the secondary effect, water has regressed from areas, surfaces has dried out thus offering an advantageous situation for many settlements as new areas – even as potential inland areas for development – became available.

By the abandonment of mining operations, regeneration, recharge of the karst system has been started. Subsequently, karst springs have come to life, the now residential or commercial areas have become wetlands again. Tata, together with some other Transdanubian settlements, also experiences this phenomenon. The expansion of wetlands also restricts everyday life, causing individual and collective tragedies.

Such events are not only problem for the given settlements as the whole society has benefited from the exploited mineral resources. Each disaster has to be managed individually but not as an individual problem. The present conference is a unique opportunity for representatives of the government and the public administration to be informed firsthand of the generality and uniqueness of the phenomenon, the possible solutions, of which financing depends on them.

The environmental use, especially mining operations, results in mainly subsidence, rarely elevation at surface level in many countries. Keeping the traditions of previous years, experts (researchers, designers, constructors) and all who are interested as well are welcome and invited either personally or via the global networks for topics as follows:

Tamás Oszvald
Geologist, Chairman of the Conference
+36 20 9330 639
Petra Omaszta
+36 20 3354921

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XII. Földtani Veszélyforrás Konferencia

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